Comments: Holy friggin' crap

To quote MdScot (on Pandagon):

I love the way the wingnuts make Al Quaeda out to be Cobra Command (a la the G.I. Joe cartoons). I think that they want Bush to be Duke, and Cheney is Snake Eyes (thats why we don't see him much, he's out there doing his ninja thing).

Posted by tor at March 5, 2004 10:38 AM

(Sorry to drop in and disagree with you immediately :))


The Pentagon and the White House (with any admin) are in regular conflict. It shouldn't surprise you that a) a reporter is spinning the article (where are his real sources??) and b) that the Pentagon is covering it's ass. Do you honestly think that the Pentagon would actually say "Well, our case was tight, but there were some major holes... we don't like to talk about that though"?? No, of course they wouldn't. They'd call it "airtight". And again... who is "they", anyway?

With EVERY story, there is always two sides, as well as a great deal of info we don't know right now. It sounds like there is MUCH missing to this story.

Perhaps the administration didn't believe that the Pentagon had an "airtight" plan. (What plan is, by the way??) Perhaps the White House saw a grander political, as well as tactical plan. Perhaps, after 12 years, it was time to stop dicking around. Perhaps alot of things. I'm not a White House staffer, or a Pentagon staffer... ergo, I'm going to wait until I hear more about this story before I believe the spin of one reporter. (And I'm not saying spin because the article seems...incomplete... to me. I'm saying because EVERYONE has a bias. Everyone.)

Posted by Jake at March 11, 2004 01:09 AM