Comments: Wrong in so many ways

Yeah, I love the "but it's not gratuitious violence" line... "it's relevant to the story". Blah blah. Not that I disagree, but weren't these the same people screaming over Saving Private Ryan? Don't they complain about every Scream-like movie?

And this teacher should be canned for taking kids out of the school without parental consent, period. Doesn't matter where she was taking them. For that matter, can the principal too... they would have had to have signed off on the trip at some point.

I still don't buy the Anti-Semetic bullshit. Where was the Japanese backlash after "Pearl Harbor"? The German backlash after "Private Ryan"? It wasn't there because those movies weren't religious in nature. The movie doesn't cause Anti-semetism because it tells a Jewish-negative story. IF anti-semetic talk is coming, it's because of the fundamentalist nature inherent in Christians.

Posted by Jake at March 11, 2004 01:01 AM