Carl's Mascot Photos

Sports that aren't baseball or soccer

Frostbite, Chesapeake Icebreakers, January 1998.
I could not convince the bear to let me buy him a beer.
Unfortunately, the Icebreakers are no more. They moved to Jackson, Mississippi.
G. Wiz, Washington Wizards, March 1998.
G. Wiz needs to get his fur shampooed. He was a little ripe. He does the Mystics' games too.
Slapshot, Washington Capitals, June 1998.
Taken during game 4 of the 1998 Stanley Cup Finals, one of the worst sporting-event nights of my life. However, I caught Slapshot as he (or she; never know who's in the bird suit) was about to take an elevator and leave our level, and he stopped the elevator and came back out for the picture. Now there's a cool bird.
Coco, Hershey Bears, January 1999.
I finally made it to a Bears game... one week after Erin (proprietor of took off for Detroit's Tiger Stadium. But the new Coco was happy to oblige.
Gunston, George Mason University, January 1999.
In late 1998, the inhabitant of the Gunston suit e-mailed me, giving me a hard time for not having a picture with my own school's mascot. Good point.
Allan, Baltimore Ravens, December 1999.
Not to be confused with...
Poe, Baltimore Ravens, December 1999.
I missed Edgar, number 101, but I will make sure to get him next season.
Thrash, Atlanta Thrashers, November 2000.
It was "Country Music Night" at Philips Arena. Yee haw!
Harry, Atlanta Hawks, November 2000.
On this night, the Hawks debuted an additional mascot, some sort of bizarre red inflatable thing. In Philly, they would have booed it.
Pax, Washington Mystics, September 2007.
I had no idea the Mystics had a new mascot, and was unprepared. Yay for camera-phones.