May 15, 2009

Linking Fool Friday

Much talk about "bad parent" memoirs and confessionals lately, and I enjoyed this interview with Lenore Skenazy, who let her kid ride the subway alone, and whose book suggests we're overprotective these days. I think she's right, but I'm sure there are ample responses that say "Are you CRAZY?! Your children should be TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU!!" (I know I should never be surprised at the nastiness manifested by anonymous people online, but I am nonetheless taken aback at how quickly people will pronounce others to be unfit parents, on the basis of one article.)

Another great article making the rounds: this piece by an American living in Holland. It challenges the right-wing notion that Europe is a tax-heavy, socialist, "less free" place.

I am amused by the furor over Cheerios, which is one of the more egregious examples of Big Food making somewhat dubious health claims.

Lastly, Wednesday was the darkest day for DC sports in a while; Ryan Zimmerman's hitting streak came to an end at 30, then the Caps laid a total egg in their final playoff game. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this earlier item on the Caps' efforts to keep Penguins fans from buying tickets.

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May 01, 2009

Linking Fool Friday

Missed last week as I was running the cotton candy machine at Cate's preschool.

Frequent topic of flogging at the FoolBlog: the folly of cutting "wasteful spending" from the federal budget. It's not going to get you very far.

The Yankees learned nothing from the Nationals, apparently, as they totally overpriced their best seats, and have actually cut prices as a result. They're not they only franchise cutting ticket prices, either.

YouTubery: Auto-tune is indeed out of control. Also, enjoy this piece on the mayor of Mississauga, Ontario.

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