June 18, 2010

Linking Fool Friday

Roger Ebert continues to prove why he's one of our greatest living writers. To answer his question as to how people get to be so deeply racist, I think it's a combination of fear of change in general, and of fear that one's own position is going to be undermined by improved conditions for others. I agree, though, that it must be miserable to hate so many people all the time.

"You can't call yourself a 'deficit hawk' if the only programs you want to cut are the ones you don't like anyway."

Good article on how the Internets apparently make us scatter-brained.

I have long thought that the notion of "team chemistry" is bunk. People on winning teams love to point out what great chemistry they have in the clubhouse. News flash: you have great chemistry because you're winning, not the other way around. Jim Leyland agrees with me, in wonderfully profane fashion.

Elsewhere in sports: Second time in a few years that an inactive DC United player has taken in a match in the stands. Pure awesomeness. Mascot story: the Yankees had one, back in the day. Why isn't there a wiffle ball bar in every town in America?

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June 04, 2010

Linking Fool Friday

Let's crank out some links before heading to the ballpark, shall we?

My kids love Silly Bandz, these rubber-band bracelet things that hold different shapes when you take them off. So I knew it was inevitable that school districts would start banning them as a "distraction." In my day, it was Chinese Jacks.

Anyone who wants to get all riled up claiming that the Bible is massively opposed to homosexuality needs to go read this.

The always-entertaining Anthony Bourdain checks in with Slate's series on being wrong.

I have been using this method to knock out tasks at work and at home for a while now.

With the excitement of Strasmas nearly upon us, Barry Svrluga looks back at the 2005 Nats and their great early-season run. I saw a comment to the effect of "The fact that Nats fans are nostalgic for a team that ended the season at .500 just shows how crappy the team has been." Maybe so. But I have to say, I don't think I've ever enjoyed my time at the ballpark more than the first few months of that season.

Other sports: World Cup fever! Are you a confused American? Get your World Cup primer here. And lastly, Youppi! sighting (indeed, I am disappointed my picture was not used).

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