August 16, 2010

Linking Fool Friday (Monday edition)

How long's it been? The front page of the blog was BLANK this morning. Oy.

Blah blah blah deficits and taxes, right? Argh. As noted previously, the same people magically did not care about deficits when George Bush was in office. But most frustratingly, some local jurisdictions are now drastically cutting back on services because they have no money, and everyone is scared to death of raising taxes. The loud and proud among us are fond of declaring America to be the Greatest Country in the World. But if we are that great, we should be able to have Nice Things, like libraries and schools and paved freakin' roads. And Nice Things cost money. But no, we'd rather let that stuff go to pot in order to save a couple hundred bucks on our taxes.

On a somewhat related note, the economic downturn has everyone assuming that American workers are desperate. The punditocracy seems reluctant to point out that American corporate exploitation of the workforce has its limits.

Counter-protests to the Westboro Baptist Church have become something of a creative outlet. This one is quite awesome.

Neat set of photos adding past photos of DC landmarks to their current locations.

News Flash: Wii Fit better than no exercise at all, but only just. Well, duh.

Sports: Best ballpark foods from around the majors.

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