May 27, 2011

Linking Fool Friday

Yeah, fracking, not a fan. As alluded to on FB the other day, I read "The Lorax" to Catherine the other night, and I kept thinking about this.

Newt Gingrich promises to make the nation more like Texas. Oh, joy.

Scientific proof that long commutes are bad for you. I had to go downtown two days in a row this week, and just that about sucked the life out of me. I have turned down projects in the city purely because I don't want to add 2+ hours of largely wasted time to my work day.

Lastly: sometimes, all you can do is quote the headline: 10-Year-Old Captures 6 Foot Alligator, Rides It Home.

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May 13, 2011

Linking Fool Friday

If you are a fan of old Warner Brothers' cartoons like I am, you will enjoy this piece on why Bugs Bunny is hard to write for.

If you are a member of an environmental group, and someone shows up who tries to work their way in and then encourage you to blow stuff up, tell them to leave and never come back. They might be some kind of undercover officer, wasting huge amounts of public money.

Lastly, Mike Rowe's Senate testimony on the decline of trades in the U.S.. He's got a point. I will admit that in high school, us "preps" looked down at the vo-tech kids, but now if my plumbing explodes, I feel like an incompetent moron, and I think the handyman who arrives and puts it all back together is pretty awesome. Working in IT project management, where there are days when I have a hard time putting a finger on what exactly we accomplished, I have a much greater respect for people who work with real, solid things than I did 20 years ago.

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