September 16, 2011

Linking Fool Friday

Must erode the LFF backlog.

At the risk of offending the easily offended, I too have been wondering what exactly we are supposed to remember about 9/11.

Republican folks in states like George sure do like to hate on illegal immigrants. And then they act all surprsied when local farms can't get their crops in.

A big part of the problem with the Tea Party: Half of Americans Getting Government Aid Swear They've Never Used It.

What liberal media? A good "Suppose the parties were reversed?" exercise is fun every so often.

Sesame Street vs. Beastie Boys

When Vin Scully passes, I will probably cry.

Lastly, this party sounds like a hoot and a half.

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September 11, 2011

Sunday Random 15

The Digital Music Consolidation Project continues apace.

Dinosaur Jr. "How'd You Pin That One On Me"
Uncle Tupelo "No Depression"
Guided By Voices "Skin Parade"
Josh Rouse "Middle School Frown"
Q-Tip "Won't Trade"
Death Cab for Cutie "A Movie Script Ending"
Elvis Costello & the Attractions "Alison"
Smashing Pumpkins "Soma"
The Detroit Cobras "Laughing at You"
The Primitives "Stop Killing Me"
Animal Collective "Taste"
Wire "Eardrum Buzz"
Cursive "Lament of Pretty Baby"
Stevie Wonder "All in Love Is Fair"
Prong "Whose Fist Is This Anyway"

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September 04, 2011

Sunday Random 15

Because I just ripped a bunch of CDs to MP3. Hooray for the 1 TB external hard drive.

Beastie Boys "Heart Attack Man"
Yo La Tengo "Don't Say a Word"
Bob Mould "Sacrifice/Let There Be Peace"
Big Audio Dynamite "I Turned Out a Punk"
Soundgarden "Mailman"
TV On the Radio "Snakes and Martyrs"
The Finn Brothers "Homesick"
Jane's Addiction "Idiots Rule"
Mos Def "War"
R.E.M. "Time After Time"
Buffalo Tom "Clobbered"
Afghan Whigs "John the Baptist"
Bloc Party "Blue Light"
Earth, Wind & Fire "Saturday Nite"
Orbital "Illuminate"

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