September 10, 2015

On not buying World Series tickets

The Nationals gave us the month of August to renew season tickets for next year, and to put a deposit on playoff tickets. Doing so would give us a shot at World Series tickets. I of course put it off as long as possible, finally ponying up for both on August 31. I was mildly skeptical about their playoff chances at that point, but what the hell. In so doing I discovered that the second payment on the 8-month payment plan for 2016 tickets was due... September 1. OK, fine, whatever.

On that very September 1, I get an e-mail saying now's the time to put down money for World Series tickets. The deadline: that Thursday, September 3.

Given the money I'd just shelled out, general annoyances with the team on and off the field, and some other personal expenses that were leaving me less than flush, I said no. What I wanted was one more week. Wait until after the Mets series. If they do really well and there's still a fighting chance, we'll talk. But for now I am sick of giving you money.

The way things played out is precisely why the Nats wouldn't want to wait until after the Mets series. No one in their right mind would put down money for Nats World Series tickets now. The team was aware of this possibility, and as such demanded our cash right away.

From a pure mercenary business point of view, I get it. But for an organization that loves to trumpet about how much they love their fans and season ticket holders, they sure did treat us like cash cows on this one.

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