Carl's Mascot Photos

Minor league baseball

Big Shot, Prince William Cannons, July 1997.
Just don't call him "Cannon Head Man."
Keyote, Frederick Keys, June 1998.
This mascot's name is a play on "coyote," which is what he is. It does not, repeat does not, have anything to do with "peyote."
Jay Jay, Hagerstown Suns, July 1999.
Yeah, it was hot in Hagerstown in July, whatever. I don't do these pictures to look good.
Screwball, Reading Phillies, July 1999.
Sorry, Screwball, but you're damn ugly. The kid in front is Jeff's son Krispin.
Orbit, Akron Aeros, June 1999.
Orbit is a "space cat," whatever the heck that is.
Rhubarb, Tacoma Rainiers, July 2000.
Webbly, Everett Aquasox, August 2000.
Guess who just got a new Phillies jersey, then went to Washington state for a week.
Steamer, Altoona Curve, July 2001.
Taken at the Parrot's birthday party. Steamer had a lot of energy.
Maxwell T. Chomper III Esq., Batavia Muckdogs, August 2001.
We sat through a 15-inning game on this day. The ballpark meal of choice in Batavia is something called "the garbage plate." It's good. Really.