Carl's Mascot Photos

More minor league baseball

Cosmo, Las Vegas 51s, April 2002.
Glad to see Jar Jar Binks has found work. Anything else? Oh yeah... we're holding rubber chickens. See, the Chicken was at Cashman Field that night.
Sherman, Delmarva Shorebirds, April 2002.
"My, what a big beak you got." "All the better to bite your head with."
Louie, Bowie Baysox, June 2002.
Louie was already in the collection, but this is a better picture.
Wacky hats are a good way to get on the JumboTron.
Henry the Puffy Taco, San Antonio Missions, July 2002.
Finally! This is the taco, the long-awaited taco, right here.
My sources tell me there is now a baby taco as well.
Ballapeņo, San Antonio Missions, July 2002.
Shortly after the Taco's picture, we went to the Missions' fan services desk and asked to see Ballapeņo--who was obviously tipped off (same actor, probably), as I was shot with this Super Soaker a couple of innings later.
Slugger, Portland Sea Dogs, August 2002.
When we told an user about, he said, "Big fool? Sounds about right."
Woolie B, Hagerstown Suns, August 2002.
Not sure why Woolie showed up at a Potomac Cannons game, but it's all good. I take this to mean that Jay Jay has been retired.
Cylo, Lancaster Barnstormers, May 2005.
My oldest daughter reluctantly makes her Mascot Photos debut.
Uncle Slam, Potomac Nationals, July 2005.
When the ex-Cannoons changed their name, they apparently put Big Shot out to pasture. Quite unfortunate. But Uncle Slam scores points for telling kids he ate Screech.