March 26, 2010

Linking Fool Friday

I checked my folder where I bookmark stuff for LFF, and went "Holy crap I have a lot of stuff in there!" Then I realized I haven't posted in three weeks.

Heard much about health care lately? Let's just go through these in one big lump: These word clouds are telling. Just how unprecedented was this vote? Haven't linked to The Rude Pundit in a while; I like his take on the whole thing. And of course Krugman's. Here are ten things you should know about health care reform. And of course, beware of the unhinged.

On a more general note, this Open Letter to Conservatives is stunning in its thoroughness. The actual policy positions of modern Republican politicians bother me less than the outright intellectual dishonesty.

On the other hand, this proposed bill to prohibit the use of salt in restaurants is the most ridiculous thing ever. I hope it's a hoax. Way too nanny-state, not to mention whoever proposed this has apparently never eaten food before.

Sports: I like Will Leitch's post on the supposed unwritten rules of baseball. I agree with him that the Prince Fielder homer celebration last season was just some goofy fun, and when some writers suggested it was improper, I wished they would lighten the hell up.

Gil Arenas was sentenced to probationon his gun charges today. It marks a sad conclusion (presumably) to what looked, at one time, to be one of the all-time great careers in Washington sports, both on and off the court. The Post's Michael Lee reviews the history, and Steinberg runs down some of the pre-sentencing letters where people recount Gil's generosity.

Geek stuff: Is your computer so horribly ruined by a virus, you can't really do anything? You need the AVG boot CD. (Of course, if your computer is that messed up, you're probably not reading this, now are you.)

Music: Here is an interesting version of Phoenix's "Lisztomania", by what is apparently America's coolest middle-school glee club.

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March 05, 2010

Linking Fool Friday

I have managed to avoid LFF for several weeks. Let's fix that.

Hey, it snowed a whole lot! What global warming?! Al Gore must be sad! Ha ha! How original. Also, not so much. Egads, I just agreed with something Thomas Friedman wrote.

I wonder where all the Tea Partiers of color are. On a related note, at least a few people are starting to figure out that things cost money. As I've said previous, it's way too easy to complain about taxes, but hard to say what services you want to cut.

But we all care about political gamesmanship more than actually getting stuff done, right? Frighteningly on-target, all the way through to the end.

You should know by know that Roger Ebert is awesome, and dare I say one of our best living writers. Will Leitch has a great piece on him too.

Olympic hockey item: Joe Posnanski on the Miracle on Ice.

Mascot news: Royals mascot sued for chucking a hot dog at someone.

Lastly, random awesomeness: Tony Bourdain on Yo Gabba Gabba. That OK Go video everyone is linking to. And Kiss takes over small-town Michigan in 1975.

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