April 16, 2010

Yesterday's Metro/walking around Southeast playlist

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, "The Brutalist Bricks" and "Shake the Sheets"
Spoon, "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga"
Surfer Blood, "Astro Coast"

Also, three episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. You can plow through a bunch of albums on a long-ass public transit commute.

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Linking Fool Friday

Now THIS is a quality April Fool's joke.

Two words: gorilla suit.

Do the teabaggers actually understand what socialism is? For the most part, no.

Interesting article on the spirits manager at Ace Beverage in northwest DC. Sounds like a good guy to know.

Sad yet cute: Best buddy otters die less than an hour apart.

The sports: There's talk of expanding the NCAA tournament to 96 teams. Terrible idea, it would cheapen the whole thing. This Deadspin post tells you why.

Despite last night's loss, I still think the whole "Caps are overrated" thing is overrated. Also, mascot falls off dugout roof.

Lastly, remember the mid-week cookie break?

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