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  • Why does our So-Called Liberal Media prefer to have celebrities on to represent the anti-war movement, rather than actual anti-war movement leaders like, say, Daniel Ellsberg? Because when they do, people like Ellsberg kick ass and take names.
  • Baseball, Ray. I watched about the first five innings last night, and mostly I was amazed that Doug Glanville led of the season with a walk. He took, what, eight walks in his entire Phillies career? Nice to see a number of so-called experts actually picking the Phils to win the NL East. Obviously, there's a bit of concern about pitching, but it'll come around. Really, the Phils' success this season depends on two guys: Jimmy Rollins and Jose Mesa. If J.Roll can play like he did two years ago, post a good OBP and steal a few bases, and if Joe Table can avoid imploding with regularity, this team will go places. I'm definitely counting on a "Farewell to Blue Acres" weekend in Philly this summer. I also need to pick out a new ballpark to visit this season (I've been to 21 major league parks in 18 cities and try to add at least new one each season), preferably one that we can handle with a tiny baby. I'm thinking Cincinnati, which opens its new ballpark this year.
  • Speaking of new balllparks, the would-be Northern Virginia ownership group showed off their stadium ideas the other day. The absolute requirement for a ballpark anywhere in this area should be Metro-accessibility. That pretty much rules out the Dulles site, and probably the Springfield site as well. There are two sites near Pentagon City mall, but "the Goon" already has so much evening and weekend traffic that I don't think it's the best location. That leaves the Rosslyn site, which is probably ideal: on the Metro, a central location (i.e. it's not at the end of a Metro line, so people can disperse in various directions), and a nice view. Of course, you've still got the downtown movement, for which the New York Avenue site is far and away the best choice. Virginia is probably a better idea, though, as it reduces Angelos' lame-ass concerns about a DC team stealing the O's fan base. Hey Angelos: maybe you should try to build a team that doesn't suck so much. In any event, I've gotten my hopes up for DC-area baseball far too often only to have them dashed every time, so I'm assuming MLB will leave us out in the cold. But if it happens... e-mail me now to be on my mailing list when I can't use my season tickets.

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